Siltech Crown Prince

Dawid Grzyb (van het Poolse Hifi Knights) recenseerde de Siltech Crown Prince en concludeert:

All that’s left now is to encourage interested individuals to at least have a listen to this product once an opportunity strikes. If not to buy one, perhaps just for the sake of witnessing how meaningful a speaker cable can be. It’ll be a valuable experience and nothing less.

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Siltech Triple Crown

Siltech Triple Crown review

De Triple Crown kabels zijn aan de tand gevoeld door het Chinese Audio Technique.

Zo vertellen ze: There was nothing I could pick about. But, when I listened to the Triple Crown, the same openness feeling came again and I was really shocked! How could it be so perfect?...What a cruel AB comparison!

Je kunt de gehele review hier lezen (in het Engels).

Siltech Saga in Stereophile Magazine

"I have never heard digital sources sound as convincingly real, as fully fleshed out, as free of artifacts, or as genuinely enjoyable as they did through the Siltech SAGA.."

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