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Op de website van Clearaudio (klik hier) vind je een overzicht van meer dan 100 reviews en testrapporten van Clearaudio draaitafels en producten vanaf 2005.

Clearaudio Ovation

What Hifi?! geeft de Clearaudio Ovation het predicaat 'Best Buy under € 6.000'.

"Clearaudio has long been a strong contender at the high end of the turntable market and this Ovation package simply reinforces that tradition. It’s beautifully made, pleasing on the eye and a pleasure to use. Most of all it’s about as fuss-free as turntables go, yet is still able to compete with the very best at the price when it comes to sound quality. Recommended? You bet."

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Clearaudio Concept

Clearaudio Concept Review Whathifi

What Hi-Fi heeft de Clearaudio Concept getest en waardeerde deze platenspeler met een uitzonderlijke 5 sterren!

Ze konden geen minpunten vinden en raden deze platenspeler aan iedereen aan. Ze zeggen onder andere dit: "we can’t see anyone turning down the Clearaudio Concept for a lack of talent. It is as clean, rhythmic, detailed and spacious as you’ll find for the money, not to mention engaging and entertaining. A Conceptual masterpiece, you could say."

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Clearaudio Absolute Phono Inside - in Hifi News

"The Clearaudio Absolute Phono Inside is arguably a landmark MC phono stage design, albeit a costly one. Ostensibly simple on the outside, the two-box solution is intelligently conceived and expertly executed. The result is a truly captivating sound quality that is difficult to criticise on any level. That the Absolute Phono version could be even better holds a tantalising prospect for all owners of Clearaudio tonearms."

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